Steam Quality Analyzers

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  • OTSG Steam Quality

  • Well site monitoring

  • Geothermal power

LUXMUX Steam Quality Analyzers are distributed exclusively through AGAR Corporation, a certified LUXMUX partner. 

The patented nanophotonic spectrometer measures steam quality in real time.

Why is this important for you?

Almost half of the 3.2 million barrels of oil per day produced annually in Canada are extracted using steam. This is expected to double in the next ten years. Two billion kilograms of steam are produced every year in Canada for Thermal Enhanced Heavy Oil Recovery, and oil producers spend over $2.3 billion a year on natural gas to generate that steam.

Producers today do not have an accurate way to measure steam quality at the boiler and at the well site. Most boilers are designed to operate at 80% steam quality, but due to the lack of online steam quality measurements—their operation is anywhere from 2%-8% less efficient.

In heavy oil production, water returning with the oil is known as produced water. The quality of the produced water used to generate steam in heavy oil production contains a high concentration of contaminants. It is risky to go over the 80% steam quality with current water treatment capabilities in the industry because contaminants will deposit on the boiler tubes and cause tubes to rupture, leading to expensive shutdowns. Most producers operate at lower steam qualities than 80% rather than risk a shut down.

With the accurate measurements provided by LUXMUX product, producers can get closer to 80% with little risk. 

Produce more oil, use less natural gas to generate steam — and produce fewer greenhouse gases.

The Luxmux Steam Quality / Flow Control product will be designed to meet the appropriate CSA, ABSA, AETX, Class 1 div 1 or Class 1 div 2 certifications that will be required to operate in a hazardous flammable environment. The consortium of Luxmux, Agar and MICA has extensive experience in working in these environments and envision no issues in gaining the certification.