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Light Source Applications

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Apply to Industries Including:

  • Medicine
  • Opthalmology
  • Cardiology
  • Oncology
  • Biological imaging
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace and aviation

Optical Coherence tomography

Improve your Axial Resolution

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a high-resolution and deep-penetration 3D imaging technique. Medical applications are numerous and include ophthalmology, cardiology, oncology, and biological imaging. Industrial applications include inspection of multi-layered thin-film products, plastic welds, and detection of surface and subsurface defects and delamination in ceramics and 3D printed parts.

Used to verify dimensions of molds, and final parts, OCT can provide real-time process feedback for control and dimensional analysis during laser machining, and additive manufacturing. OCT is also used to inspect critical coatings in the automotive, aerospace, and aviation sectors.

BeST-SLED®  is an ideal light source for OCT applications. Our broader spectrum, improves axial resolution over traditional light sources. BeST-SLED®  - the compact, powerful, cost-effective solution. Available with up to 6 Superluminescent diodes in one optical package. Single mode fiber optic output is spectrally stitched, providing broad spectrum up to 480nm FWHM.

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Optical Component Testing

Test with confidence: stable, repeatable, broad-spectrum and high-power.

Optical fibers, filters, lenses, Fiber Bragg gratings, optical attenuators, photonic switches, broadband couplers, multiplexers, and isolators are all examples of optical components that can be inspected using the BeST-SLED®  light source.

BeST-SLED®  is an ideal light source for optical component manufacturers. The broadband, stable, and repeatable light source is available over a wide spectrum of wavelengths, with up to 6 SLEDs in one optical package. The BeST-SLED® produces spectrally stitched, high-power, tunable light out of a single mode fiber. It eliminates the need for expensive tunable lasers, providing quick and precise optical outputs with the advantage of stable power and stable center wavelengths over time.

The BeST-SLED®  enables quick, simple, and user-friendly set-up to measure spectral insertion losses, transmission characteristics, and polarization extinction ratios in a variety of optical components.


Scientific research

Illuminate the possibilities

BeST-SLED®  is an ideal light source for the scientific and research community, from an educational learning tool, through exploring the frontiers of nanotechnology, to advanced medical research.

The BeST-SLED® light source provides a stable, repeatable, broadband and high-power light out of a single-mode fiber. It enables rapid, simple, and user-friendly setup for university students, researchers, lab technicians, and professors.



More data, more coverage, more possibilities.

Fiber Bragg Grating sensors are used to measure strain, temperature, and pressure in applications such as civil engineering, structural analysis material engineering, transportation, and infrastructure.

Luxmux’s BeST-SLED® is an ideal light source for fiber optic sensing applications. With our low-coherence length, broader spectrum, and higher power, users can increase the number of FBGs, and deploy longer fibers. BeST-SLED®  Compact. Powerful. Cost-effective.

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Telecom Test Equipment

Cover all telecom bands with a single light source.

Designed for fiber optic test equipment that enables the measurement of spectral insertion losses and transmission characteristics in coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM), wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) networks, and Passive Optical Networks (PON) component manufacturing and testing.

For Wavelength Drift Monitoring, Chromatic Dispersion (CD), Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD), and white light interferometry measurements, the BeST-SLED® is the ideal broadband light source that covers all the bands needed for telecommunication test equipment. Take advantage of the low coherence length and single mode fiber output, all in a cost effective, compact 32-pin butterfly package.

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Eliminate Interference Effects with low coherence length

Metrology is the practice of using precise distance and angle measurements to establish and verify dimensions, and complex surface geometries.  Metrology applications that can benefit from the BeST-SLED’s® enhanced light source include construction, positioning, automotive, aerospace, reverse engineering, manufacturing, and inspection.

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