World’s Most Advanced Butterfly Package

A revolutionary light source powered by the
world’s most advanced butterfly package.


Near Infrared 1230-1730 nm
• Broad Spectrum
• Tunable
• Superluminescent Diode

BeST-SLED with Driver

Differentiating Advantages

Advanced design inside and out – The uniquely compact butterfly package allows integrators to incorporate Laboratory grade photonics into other technologies.

Powerful – Spectral coverage from 1230nm to 1730nm with up to 50mW of optical power.

Dependable – Enables users to receive stable, consistent and reliable results over the entire spectral range.


Multiple Superluminescent Diode Light Source

The main component of Luxmux’s patented system is our Butterfly Package—an integrated, multiple superluminescent diode light source. It provides a compact solution with high optical power and dependable stability. The BeST-SLED® provides power up to 50mW over the spectral band of 1230nm to 1730nm. When combined with our driver, feedback algorithms ensure smooth and consistent operation.